Friday, August 18, 2006

rich's u.s history of the 21st century

let me start by stating my admiration for president bush and all who pull his strings- and ours. think about it: they are the puppetmasters of the world, they have carved up the 21st century for their own evil purposes and we just watch in amazement and disbelief.
the man steals the election in 2000 – we are outraged-outraged. he has subverted the american democratic process, we said. why, we’ll take action – that’s right, action against this perversion of our sacred right to vote! that’s what we’ll do, why we’ll take this all the way to the supreme court- uhh what? the supreme court just appointed him president? they can’t do that, we said, we’ll mount legal challenges, gather evidence, we’ll post it on the internet! publish all the evidence, organize demonstrations – what- the trade center? collapsed, both of them –wha – the pentagon?!? by a commercial airliner? it’s the pentagon, there’s supposed to be defences, this don’t add up, this does’nt make no sense. hey, bush can’t take away our rights, what about the costitution? huh? we’ve invaded afganistan; it was this guy in a cave who did this? nahhh, somethings wrong with this picture – iraq invade iraq, again?
no, we’ll march, theres half a million of us, we’ll march to the u.n. we’ll show them, huh? police barricade? we’ll go through 49th street- huh – another police barricade huh? we’ve invaded? we’re bombing iraq now, shock and awe? well, just wait till the body bags come back, then we’ll stop this, as soon as the american public sees all those flag-draped coffins on tv – oh theyre not? no photographs, well, we’ll just keep publishing the numbers, we’ll organize demonstrations, we’ll put a counter on the internet! this clown’s up for re-election next year, there’s our chance, he’ll be defeated by a land slide- who? kerry? that old fart, but he’s a decorated veteran and bush is a draft dodger, but he can beat bush in a landslide, huh-whadda you mean the election is close? florida? ohio?! he did it again, blatant election fraud –, he can’t get away with this, we’ve got the evidence right here, we’ll put it on the internet! there’s two wars raging, thousands of soldiers keep dying, huh? don’t they know that the levees are new orleans underwater? didn’t they see the pictures on cnn? there’s corpses in the streets, he can’t get away with this, he was told this would happen the night before, we’ve got the evidence right here, we’ll put it on the internet! there’s the congressional elections this year, we’ll hold these clowns responsible, we’ll hold their feet to the fire- we’ll organize, we’ll post blogs, hey, we got this video, we’ll put it on the internet! huh- israel? israel is bombing lebanon? again? well, it can’t last long, hezbollah has pea-shooters compared to israel’s army, they’ll skirmish and run. can’t blame this one on bush, well not directly, what? iran? iran? were bombing iran?
stop. not yet. no, not for a few months anyway. but if you’ve been following this narrative, or been paying attention for the past five years, it is increasingly clear –
the world is being run by a handful of insane white males masterfully playing out a scenario hatched in 1997. a plan that was the culmination of daydreams of global military domination dating back to the nixon administration. am i sounding crazy?
do i sound like one of those conspiracy guys? if you think i sound crazy, you should read this plan. it’s called the project for the new american century. call me crazy, but the people who founded this project: dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, jeb bush, paul wolfowitz, lewis “scooter” libby– aren’t these guys the bush administration? you’ve heard of this document that anticipated a quote "pearl harbor type event” to trigger activation of the plan. now, how come a caffiene-addled cable-access conspiracy theorist like myself pe privvy to a plan that alters the ciourse of global history? they put it on the internet!
key points of the plan: invade afghanistan, sideline the un, depose saddam, isolate arafat, intimidate syria, punish iran. ahhh- (count) afganistan, the u’n’, saddam, syria- five out of six tasks acchieved.
still think the president is a moron? if you have not figured it out by now, this planet belongs to george w. bush. his planet. we just live here.


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