Saturday, July 21, 2007

will assume presidential duties today

while Bush’s doctor (Air Force Brig. Gen. Richard J. Tubb) gets all up inside of him later today, the “rarely invoked” 25th amendment will allow Vice President Cheney (shot a guy in the face last year) to become acting president. (This guy was his friend.) This will actually be the second time Cheney (he was an old guy too) takes the reins: in June, 2002 bush had a similar procedure and Cheney (four days later the old guy apologized) took office for just over two hours. (The old guy still had lead shotgun pellets in his heart valve.)

why do I think the big Dick (with the big stick, above) might just take advantage of the situation and try to pull something whilst Bush is under, having his colon oscopied?


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