Friday, December 17, 2010

dvtv live broadcast 12.16.10: it's WAR!/ plus UPDATE

a movement is growing worldwide and gathering a wide range of faceless activists from many persuasions - this is what concerns Washington more so than the 'war' on terror. the war on terror is against a few thousand potential terrorists who might harm americans and buildings, but Anonymous is likely millions of young people worldwide seeking to cripple american corporations and government institutions...
and: they don't have to be suicide bombers to score a big hit.

UPDATE: see? what i tell ya...
from Rawstory
A United Nations task force formed last week said it was considering the creation of a new inter-governmental working group to help further international cooperation on policies to police the Internet.

The discussion was undertaken to "enhance" and extend the work of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), a UN-sponsored organization that makes recommendations on how governments should deal with the Internet. The IGF's mandate is due to expire soon, so members of the UN's Commission on Science and Technology for Development Bureau took up the issue and formed a task force to determine what the new IGF should look like.


Anonymous Marcia Hershkowitz said...

It's weird b/c the internet is so much of an anarchy. How do you regulate something that is international? One one hand it is like a huge public library however the information being posted is not just public but private too. What happens if someone slanders or exposes another person in a post? Does an internet provider have to remove it? Look what happened to that college kid after being exploited? Copyright infringement happens all the time with downloads of books and CDs that were intended to be somebody's livelihood. The internet age hasn't been thought through by some people who press send w/out concern for possible consequences or permanence of the posts. Trust and the honor system abides! We are all equals on the internet. It is where anyone can be a star. Yet ironically it prevents artists from earning a living in their crafts because the audience gets it for free and also you don't have to earn anything to post. Discernment is left to the viewers. Interesting stuff. Maybe a cyber-police squad could help regulate or remove unauthorized posts? But what if the posts show criminal behavior? What are the ethics then? Sometimes I'm just reading something on the net and then a bunch of related but uninvited ads appear on the side of my screen. Makes me feel like I'm being tracked.

11:52 AM  

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