Saturday, February 19, 2011


so far from the white house on Lybia - where 120 protesters are reported to have been gunned down, and the internet and social media have naturally been shut down.
the silence is in in sharp contrast to wh statements made during the first days of Egypt's uprising...but then again, at the same time, Hillary was calling Mubarak "an important ally of the United States".
don't expect that she's gonna show any love for Khaddafi (Gaddafi, Qadaffi?)
ya thinks maybe this silence has somepin to do with Libya having the largest oil reserves in northern Africa? ya thinks maybe?
like i been saying, the gods do not sleep easy these days.
Al Jazeera - the only network available here that is currently doing coverage of Libya, Bahrain, etc. (Fox is talking Palin vs. Michelle Obama, CNN is hailing Donald Trump as a viable presidential candidate, and MSNBC is running its usual weekend prison porn) - Al Jazeera is carrying reports that mourners in a funeral procession, who were fired upon by Lybian secret police, stormed the building where the shots came from, captured the secret police, and are planning to kill them. even money says the 40 year regime of Khaddafi is next to fall.
meanwhile, my favorite parts of the CIA website are down. i can't look up how much arable land Bahrain has. damn.
but here's a recent video taken in a hospital in Manama, Bahrain as word spread that the police had retreated from Pearl Square, the flash point for anti-government protestors.after the video, from an Al Jazeera reporter, Youtube will offer you a selection of: an inspirational speech by Al Pacino, a music video of "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon, and no less than three fine music videos from Weird Al Yankovic.


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