Monday, October 03, 2011


Because the NYPD and Bloomberg at first were secure that the Occupy Wall Street protesters would be ignored, they surmised that a few dozen hippies would just give up and go home.
Three weeks in, they try mass arrests - and end up as BBC News’ top story. Now the City cannot ignore the growing numbers, the growing support, and the growing attention paid to OWS.
As for the complaints of a lack of a specific complaint, muddled message, or lack of focus, people in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and even in Toronto who have formed "solidarity" protests seem to know exactly what OWS is saying.
So next expect the City to pressure Brookfield Properties, owners of Zuccotti Park, to take legal action to drive the protestors from the encampment.
However, after three weeks of international attention - and hundreds of people willing to sleep outdoors in the rain - there is very little the City can do other than pepper spray peaceful women and arrest these people.
Whatever the City decides to do - ignore them or bust them - this has past the point where OWS will fold their tents and go quietly into the night.
If significant numbers of union members join the camp out on Wednesday (I'm predicting they will), then OWS will grow into the major issue of the 2012 elections.


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