Sunday, September 17, 2006


You’d think this guy would have better handlers.
You’d think they’d know that if you’re quoting something that you don’t want anybody to get the impression that you agree with the sentiment of the quote, you clearly state that you don’t agree with the sentiment expressed in the quote, and you clearly state that you don’t agree in the sentence immediately before the quote and in the sentence immediately following the quote in question.
Esp. if you’re speech tells like, two billion people that their prophet “brought the world only evil and inhuman things”.

Esp. if like, the faith and heritage you represent had a little outing known as the crusades.
Esp. if your friends who run the world are currently unleashing death, ruin and chaos in a few key muslim countries.
Jeez, this Ratzinger guy is about as sensitive as a lousy nazi.

"I hope this serves to appease hearts and to clarify the true meaning of my address…”

appease |əˈpēz| verb

conciliate, placate, pacify, mollify.
ANTONYM provoke, inflame.

'"It's kind of weird how he said he was sorry for the reaction and not because of what he said," said Elkhansaa Farhane, a 15-year-old Muslim student from Brooklyn.'
-New York Daily News, "N.Y.ers forgive pontiff - mostly", September 18th, 2006


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