Thursday, August 16, 2007

dvtv live broadcast 8.16.07 : Iran?

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ITEM: last Thursday president Bush warned Iran that there would be ‘consequences’ for their support of Shiite Muslim groups in Iraq, and ‘consequences’ for their nuclear program. the president did not elaborate as to what the ‘consequences’ might be.
ITEM: Vice President Cheney repeatedly calls for a military strike against the Iranian Quds force. when asked by Larry King on July 31st about an “overt move on Iran”, Cheney smiled and refused to about what he termed as “prospective operations”
ITEM: the White House and State Department move to brand the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization, the first time the United States has ever listed the armed forces of any sovereign government as such. a State Department spokesperson referred to “confronting Iran on a number of different battlefields”. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been telling European allies that the U.S. may have no choice but to take unilateral action against Iran.
ITEM: when Karl Rove resigned on Monday, “he said he decided to leave after White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten told senior aides that if they stayed past Labor Day they would be obliged to remain through the end of the President's term in January 2009.” (The Wall Street Journal, 7/13/07)
no resignations after Labor Day…
what could they be up to?


Blogger Checkerphil said...

Thanks Rich and the crew of DVTV! You guys are doing such an important service of providing REAL news in a world of BS! I thought I missed the show! Thanks for giving us another chance!

1:54 AM  

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