Thursday, October 06, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 10.06.11: OCCUPIED

...featuring dvtv live producer Blade Branstrom and his exclusive footage from the Wall Street Occupation.

Just nineteen days into the occupation, the president of the United States acknowledged their influence in the 2012 presidential campaign.

Just nineteen days ago the press all but ignored them.

Nineteen days ago they couldn't even get arrested.

When airline pilots and steelworkers and bus drivers and the AFL-CIO and world famous scholars and congressmen and movie stars start showing up at Zuccotti park to support this soggy group of hippies – the media attacks the message.

Occupy wall street has no message!

This is a non-event - vapid and meaningless.

There is no leader – there is no message. Only – the non-message spreads – there’s occupy Boston and occupy Los Angeles and occupy Boise, Idaho for crissakes. Not only do scholars and movie stars and union presidents get it, thousands of people across the country get it. Obama gets it. Even Ben Bernanke gets it.

So I’ll use a line from Marlon Brando to answer the question:
what are they rebelling against?

What do ya got?

You got the highest unemployment in sixty years. You got very few jobs with pitiful wages, constant efforts to eliminate minimum wage. You got pensions, retirement funds gutted, massive tax cuts for millionaires, mind boggling tax refunds for corporations, hundreds of billions in bailouts to the people who gambled the morgage. You got union busting at the private, corporate, state and federal level. You got across the board corporate deregulation breeding economic and ecological ruin on huge stretches of america. You got endless attacks on the safety nets for the working poor and the elderly the very people who are suffering the most right now. Without safety nets - everything slams to the ground with a sickening thud - with a resounding splat...
like the Euro - and soon - the dollar.

You got useless and endless wars that get more expensive more secretive more mysterious more covert and therfore more nebulous unnacountable and nefarious as the years drag on.

This country has been in a permanent state of war for ten years now. We can’t even make a profit from it. What’s happened to this country?!



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