Saturday, September 23, 2006

O.B.L (U.B.L.): dead? sick? stubbed toe?

with Bush under attack from Chavez and Ahmadinejad at the UN this week, his cuddly press conference with "honor bound to Simon and Schuster" Musharraf, and with Clinton due to set the record straight by "going ballistic" on Fox News tom'w, could the timing be more perfect?
psy-ops are de-rigeur during a war (esp. this permanent one) and our intel people are known to plant stories in foreign, not domestic newspapers. French PM Chirac has already stated "nothing at all confirms the information" leaked to a regional French newspaper, L'Est Republicain, and he is calling for an investigation of the leak. (there have been dozens of these reports since 2001.)
if it turns out that he really is dead, expect to see reports surface early next week about a heroic effort by one of our boys, or a friendly Pak operative, to "poison the well" with typhoid. (is that possible?)
so, perhaps Rove leaked the october surprise early out of desperation, though i still think that bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran will be the pre-election kicker.
of course, Pak intel reports are already saying that reports of his death are highly exaggerated.
shit, i must be really paranoid.


Blogger Jay Dedman said...

at this point, i wouldnt be surprised by anything. I just hope more people are wake now.

6:13 PM  

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