Thursday, October 12, 2006

too stupid to live

our student pilot yankee pitcher and his flight instructor were morons.

but so are the brainiacs at the faa (who determined before sept.11 that a commercial airline cockpit should not be as protected as a motorman's door on a subway train).

from wcbs-tv:

"The only no fly zones recognized by the FAA, sources said, are airspace over Washington, D.C., the Disney theme parks in California and Florida, and sports stadiums during on going events."

so disneyland and yankee stadium are protected, but manhattan - no. its only the financial capital of the country, the planet, and where millions of people live and work.

like me.

and get this from the ny times:

"The northern end of the airspace over the East River is a treacherous, narrow corridor often filled with helicopters ferrying tourists, business people and traffic reporters along the edge of Manhattan. Small planes...are allowed to fly through the area at low altitude, but several pilots said they did not dare because it could be crowded.
"The spot where Mr. Lidle’s plane...struck the apartment building on the Upper East Side is near the end of the “uncontrolled” corridor at the edge of the airspace governed by La Guardia Airport. Inside that corridor, small planes and helicopters can fly below 1,100 feet without getting clearance from air-traffic controllers...they assume responsibility for watching out for other aircraft and structures and avoiding them."

i'm glad i live in a walk-up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Priggish egotist Bloomberg, narcissist Pataki, racketeer Bernard Kerik, Benito Ghouliani....
N.Y.C. has become a fiasco in the nightmarish and inept handling of 9/11. Mark of the Beast.
The mark of corruption, and brutality.
N.Y.C shadows it's former glory with the glint of dark, malevolent eyes.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Katharine said...

Right on brother!

10:57 PM  
Blogger 林依晨Amber said...


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