Wednesday, October 11, 2006

but not yet safe

i just heard a british reporter ask mayor bloomberg if he had any safety or security concerns about a small plane flying over manhattan.

he said no, that tourist and sightseeing planes fly all the time over manhattan.

- - WHA!?!?

long before september 11th, the airspace over manhattan was considered "restricted" - and a pilot related to me in 1994 that he needed "special permission" to fly his mall plane over our island for chartered film and photography flights, which is what he did for a living. (i used to have his footage in my cable show opening.)

remember all we heard about anthrax and other poisons that could be spread from a small plane?

we still don't know if it was a yankee pitcher at the controls, but apperantly (this was confirmed by bloomberg) there was a flight instructor on board.

what the fuck was a practice flight doing over manhattan?!


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