Monday, September 25, 2006



IRAQ WAR RAISES TERROR THREAT: it took "16 disparate spy services inside government" (AP) to make that utterly brilliant assessment?

sixteen of these alleged "intelligence" agencies?

what, they gathered the brightest and best of these sixteen agencies and sent these brainiacs on a retreat, they brainstorm and huddle and break off into small groups and come to the earthshattering conclusion: jeez, it WAS a BAD IDEA to invade and occupy the WRONG FUCKING COUNTRY?!

early in 2003, three-quarter of a million people took to the streets in manhattan, and millions more around the world marched, screaming to the world exactly what this National Intelligence Estimate concludes: Iraq was, is and ever will be a bad idea.

i smell sulfer...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto to the anonymous poster above! Couldn't have said it better. Sadly, New York sucks these days. Can't wait till Bush leaves office either.

End the War in Iraq! Bring the troops home.

By invading Iraq, the U.S. started a civil war in Iraq, and in doing do unleashed a quagmire of terrorists and assassination death squads who use power drills, and drill holes their victims before they kill them.

The death toll of Iraqis is 700,000 and rising rapidly.

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