Wednesday, October 04, 2006

paranoia strikes deep

so, the repugs are scraping the muck-caked bottom of the popularity well, everybody predicts hastert will go down either in the next 24 hours or by january, and i 'm not the only one wondering:

what NEXT?!? what in GODZ name could they be setting us up for?!

if we write off the possibility of another 'terror' attack on a major american city ("nawwwwww, they could NEVER get away with that..." ) then, the most likely scenario for the oct. suprise: iran.

  • the Nation reports:
    "The Nation has learned that the Bush Administration and the Pentagon have moved up the deployment of a major "strike group" of ships, including the nuclear aircraft carrier Eisenhower as well as a cruiser, destroyer, frigate, submarine escort and supply ship, to head for the Persian Gulf, just off Iran's western coast. This information follows a report in the current issue of Time magazine, both online and in print, that a group of ships capable of mining harbors has received orders to be ready to sail for the Persian Gulf by October 1."

    what to do?

  • bloggingstocks advises:
    "How can you profit from the October surprise? Well, buying oil company stocks is one way. ExxonMobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM), ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP), BP plc (NYSE ADR: BP), and Petroleos Brasileiro (NYSE ADR: PBR) are a few that come to mind. And with oil prices below $59, the price of a barrel of oil would climb along with these stocks on news of the Iran invasion.
    Had enough? Vote in November. And in the meantime, profit."

    oooooohhhhhh, it's the SUSPENSE that kills me.

    (thanks to the UNHOLY for the tip!)

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