Friday, August 31, 2007

dvtv live broadcast 8.30.07

Bush is shedding top aides - like ballast.

i don’t care how many top aides resign, i don’t care how he reframes the current wars or how he palns to start a new one, i don’t care how many troops he pulls out, i don’t care if he captures Osama Bin Laden and puts his head on a stake on the White House Lawn, i don’t care if Bush tackles Cheney and takes a difribulator to his testicles, i say throw the lying bastards out – impeach them both – they deserve nothing less than to be humiliated, hogtied, stripped naked, tarred and feathered and then put on trial. impeach these deranged psychpaths before they start World War III.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are giving Bush and Cheney way too much power. (They are not popes.)Firing them is not an answer any more than hiring them was a solution. In fact putting all of that energy into wanting them out may boomerang into people trying to get you fired from your job. It's not about them. It's about your reactions to them. It's a field. "The solution" is knowing who all of the aids and advisors and congresspeople and representatives are and finding out how and influencing how they vote. Most people see this as a one man show and it's not, not by a long shot. The solution is not replacing our "leader." It's stopping the violence, the brawn if you will, and replacing it with serenity. But we still have to watch our backs, I fear because there may be cause for revenge or scapegoating. Then again there is always faith--but you trust your neighbors and still lock your doors as they say and some doors aren't so close to the house whether we belong there or not, we protect what we believe belongs to us and belief is the key presumption here. It's not that easy to take out troops. But we can for starters protect our boarders and not fire unless it's in self defense. Most firings seem so reflexive don't they. I get struck so I strike back. It's crisis management, you know more than strategic planning. Also all people need to donate tidings be it funding or knowledge, skills, whatever. If you would clear up your anger at Bush and target it to making change the way you do with your art, there will be a shift. Why not post solutions on your blog instead of Bush bashings? Unless of course the blog is a bitching release, and then it doesn't have to be more than an anger vent. And I support it regardless as I do you. But fueling the fire doesn't help matters. The tense of war must be put into the past. We have calm waters and peace. The affirmations come from within us, not from the stars. Our projection of thoughts and feelings move mountains. Teach Cheney and Bush if you feel they are missing something. Treat them the way you would your own sons and grandsons. Love them, provide for them. Give them solutions, options, assistance, courage. Reprimanding, and hitting them as you would children or coworkers is war and war begets war. Supervisors are not our employers. And Presidents are not our constitutions. Excersize your freedom of press and speech. What if you talked about Bush as if he was your bud from back in the day? How would you word it? Your energy would be different. The outcome would change. You have more power over the state of the war than you know. Just calling it a war fuels it. Be peace. Call it something else and it will change. Upper and Lower cases are English. There are other ways to go monster hunting. Then again, maybe there's only one way to skin a cat. Clean your house, create the world you want to be in, be kind or smart or gentle or decorative or whatever it is that you do to feel productive and helpful and loving in this world . Do you, not George. Do Rich. Empathize with George. Behave as if you are the President. What then? What would you do then? How would you handle the situation? Is there really a situation? Would you fix it or let people do their own thing? Would you ignore stuff and just be pissed and accusing? What do you want the President to do who ever it may be? Make music. Make friends. There’s a time to fight and a time to walk away. You don't want to be the President or one of his advisors, you just want to express your outrage. And yes your feelings are always justified. They are yours. You have freedom to do with them as you choose. Wish I was talking to you live instead of here. Love Marcia

8:57 AM  
Blogger RedHolly said...


I've been living in my little mountain town not watching the news for months now. Somehow, this shitty news still gets into my psyche--even though I'm not bombarded by it everyday--like when I lived in NYC.

I miss you. When I visit NY I want to see you and P. You'll know when I'm coming. I miss our talks!



2:57 AM  

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