Monday, October 29, 2007

heck of a job!

the dickwad who was responsible for the faked FEMA news conference last week during the California wild fires - in effect spending tens of thousands of our tax dollars to lie to us during a declared national freaking disaster - the guy got a raise and a promotion.
PRNewser and CNN are reporting that former FEMA Director of External Affairs John “Pat” Philbin (right) has landed a new job as "head" of the "communications shop" at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
'intellegence' my skinny white ass.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think that Southern California is more loved than New more money, more aid? Or maybe perhaps the rescue teams are just getting use to this kind of stuff. Is the damage comparable to the damage in Iraq and else where where US troops are stationed? Is God punishing US? Are these just pranks that got out of hand? Or criminals? My condolenses go to all who are miserable because of this. Hang in there or maybe you will just go someplace else. But either way, my condolences and well wishes are with you. Truth is we really have to stick together with all this like a family--we may not agree but we are a union, a union of states, the United States. And many states are we. By the way Rich-I like your skinny white ass, would make it real happy--even in M*A*C*Y*S. I like your mind too....and your face....and your show and you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the

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