Tuesday, September 11, 2007

this year its different

there's tension, despair. perhaps because two NYC firefighters were killed here just weeks ago.

perhaps because half of the children near the Trade Center on Sept. 11th developed breathing problems.

perhaps because most in this country now realize that thousands in uniform have died in vain, thousands more will for years to come, and scores of thousands in uniform will return missing limbs, or pieces of their skulls, or both.

perhaps because the evil, lying rat bastards in the white house will attempt to force-feed us all the same shit on a different anniversary, and that the opposition party is impotent, despite a mandate and a majority. perhaps because a critical mass of the U.S population now realizes that our nation is despised by much of the world, and the core principles of our former democracy are now not worth the parchment they are written on.

i can't write anymore, it hurts to care, and it is painful to be numb. i will instead quote a fine but depressing piece from a mainstream news site.

It took America 1366 days to win World War II. Yet in the 2192 days since the Twin Towers fell our political leaders not only have failed to resoundingly win the Battle of Baghdad, they haven't even been able to come up a constitutionally sound and comprehensive set of legal policies and practices to guide our systematic war on terrorism...
Good ideas, like establishing a wholly separate legal system to handle sensitive terror-related cases and causes, have been shot down without a fair hearing in the court of public opinion (never mind inside the White House). Terrible ideas, like allowing agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine when the private records of consumers can be poached from telecommunications companies, have rocketed through the corridors of power to become policy.
this from CBS News' Andrew Cohen: 'Opportunities Squandered Since 9/11'

as we remember the many innocent people who were killed on September 11th, and the countless more military casualties, the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis dead, the millions of refugees streaming into Lebanon, also remember what this country was before George W. Bush made a shameful mockery of it.

then read 1984 again. we were warned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...perhaps because people are still in pain because they lost someone they love. Those are the true mourners, the ones who's hearts ripped. These are the mourners who will grieve the anniversary of the death, not because it's a national holiday but a personal tragedy.

And New Yorkers who were fortunately spared the lose of a loved one grieve the lose of monument buildings, the lose of jobs, and the feelings of safety and a time when police with machine guns didn't roam the streets, and there weren't announcements on public transportation warning us that our bags can be checked at anytime. Back in the day, all you had to do was circle a couple of want ads and you were gainfully employed in a few weeks or a few days even! And a weeks pay covered a months rent and you didn't have to lock your doors or car or wait in line for gas....it all spiraled down somehow to the good old days...when the American dream was to own a home and have appliances and travel maybe, be part of a family...but these too are the good old days because people make the effort to have a good day and to be decent and to take chances and to express ourselves and to create and move forward.

"perhaps because the evil, lying rat bastards in the white house will attempt to force-feed us all the same shit on a different anniversary..."

The government might declare this another Memorial Day and the country will teach it in history books, but mourners and grievers and New Yorkers and all those who's lives were directly effected by the events of this day will remember the date 9-11 for as long as we live. And after we are gone the generations after us will tell the story because we've told it. And the story will live. You know how sometimes perscription drugs fix one thing but break something else because of the side effects? Well sometimes when something breaks, another thing gets stronger, becomes fixed. It's balances itself out just like everything else. It's only a few years. Feelings change over time. Gradually the bereaved can add on new thoughts and tasks without feeling the pain...you know we concentrate on something else and we forget for a minute or two and then it's for an hour and then you realize hey I didn't cry today. New flowers, new shoots replace the torn leaves and branches. We can never replace a loved one or time or a loss but we can create new facets of life and new feelings,new events, new dreams. Marcia

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