Tuesday, September 04, 2007

more good news

as a follow-up to last week's pessimistic post (see below: 'now it begins') i asked Pamela Gia, the official dvtv live astrologer, for some specifics.
with the permanent war dragging on, everyone from Rudy to French President Nicholas Sarkozy ("the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran") to the New York Post (carrying this article from the Sunday Times of London: ‘Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran’) dwelling on Tehran (whose claim of "3000 centrifuges" can't help) and with the sixth anniversary of a certain terror attack next week, there's plenty to fret over.
Ms. Gia reminds us that "Mars, the red Warrior planet, is closer to Earth than it has been in nearly two thousand years." sound ominous? how's this:
"Saturn, Planet of form, restriction, manifestation, time… has just moved from the constellation Leo into Virgo" and now aspects Neptune "in a transit that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years."
as for that sixth anniversary?
a solar eclipse on - that's right - September 11th - will create "dynamic aspects that haven’t been seen at these exact degrees in many generations" and she speculates that "the turmoil, anxiety, high energy (or lack thereof) that everyone is feeling is due to these unusual events.
“The concern centers around the 9th of September through the 13th when the range of ecliptic energy meets with the T square aspects creating a battlefield in the sky.
“If there is terrorist activity during this time the occasions for OUR government, in particular, to make mistakes are high (because of United States’ aspects chart).
“If the U.S. doesn’t make quick, acute decisions around this time, we could find ourselves in a long, extremely destructive, fiery conflict."
what troubles me: she’s usually right.
you should know, however, that our dvtv live astrologer is a persistent optimist. i am duty-bound to pass on Ms. Gia’s personal advice to you for this potentially volatile period:
“This is an excellent time to use imagination for manifestation. Keep idealistic thoughts and visions in your minds. Deliberately create scenes in your minds eye that are bright, light, froth with laughter, Beauty, high spirits which invoke pictures that expand the heart feelings and rise above all things of lower nature.
"Do not dwell on fearful ideas but rather put that energy into fun activity or throwing things away, or dancing, singing even if it’s momentary - on the spot in your living room, car, or on the street. Cheer.”
if only I could add the above to Dick Cheney’s daily agenda.

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