Thursday, September 06, 2007

smokin' in the boy's room

the Senator Larry Craig saga just keeps getting better.

the toe-tapping congressional sex scandal threatens to obscure any repugnican hopes of reframing the failed but ever-ongoing war on terror, September 11th flag-waving we're-at-war: no-questions-asked mandatory patriotism, and of course, the much-anticipated General Petraeus report that the General will not author. then again, maybe that's what the scandal is supposed to do.while others on the weblog circuit (no links - find them yourself) are suggesting a presidential pardon in the works, that won't happen (not now or even in January 2009, which would be way too late for Craig's critical-condition political career).

Craig wants to "clear his name" (fat chance), not be pardoned for his actions that he claims never happened.

more likely (though still a long shot, considering he plead guilty over seven weeks ago) is a Minnesota judge overturning his plea. what do you suppose the quid-pro-quo would be for that ambitious judge - a promise of an appointment to a cushy seat in some federal district court perhaps? Senator Arlen Specter - who has come as close as anybody to supporting Craig's claim of innocence and was until earlier this year the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee - may have some clout in this department, but that's probably even less likely.

perhaps Specter feels - as i do - that Craig fell victim to a dispicable and useless sting operation by over-zealous and underworked cops. don't these airport cops have water bottles to confiscate?

for far more perspective on the Senator who-is-not-gay, catch tonight's broadcast of Gay USA, seen at 11:00pm in Manhattan on channel 34 and simulcast on the web at (click on channel 34 icon); airing nationally starting Friday on the Free Speech TV Network (schedule here) and on Dish Network channel 9415; or listen to the podcast anytime here or at the iTunes store. (full disclosure - i'm the studio director of that broadcast.)

btw - there's no dvtv live broadcast tonight because our MNN studios are being renovated (unless something dire happens, in which case you will see me actually seated(!) in a very small, bright studio). we should be back on the air with an all-new dvtv live next thursday eve, which will be posted here next friday.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did he get caught crawling under the bathroom stall? And the President of the United States of America may actually be commenting on this? Pardoning him for this? Forgiving him? For what? What is this confessional to President Bush about or to anybody for that matter? Bodily fluids? Release? Feelings? Ecstasy? And why must this be pardoned? What does it have to do with the Bush's or business administration or the price of oil? And why is everybody being involved, being interviewed about this and not the war, and other far more relevant issues? There are press conferences about this? Meetings? America is actually discussing our governments toilet/phallus activities, or anybody's for that matter? A who's who? A what happened? And possibly harming unrelated and otherwise happy relationships, commitments, socialwork, pursuits, family life? Why? Don't we all as citizens have the right to decide what we want to be doing with our bodies, with our time without interference from busy bodies? Why would somebody meddle like this in another person's private life? I think it's a distraction, revenge, or maybe it's just for fun, for sport. But I think gossip like this only hurts people. It takes center stage so we discuss the tabloid stuff that outshines the important work that he may or may not be involved with. It also hurts people who may feel jealous of an interaction like this. It sort of reminds me of how a person can knock into someone on the subway and while they are engaging, another person is discretely rummaging through the contents of his pocket. Folks, why don't you mind your own business and discuss your own bathroom activities or inactivities. Form your own mile high club. There's a whole world of bathroom and bedroom stuff going on that has nothing to do with you. Concentrate on the boardroom for a change and how that effects you instead, or even better, engage in your own private activities instead of reading about or infering about somebody elses? I suppose romance novals are easier to grasp than the news. There's intimacy, sociology in restrooms, steam rooms, beauty parlours. What of it? Paparazzi can talk about this but not their own lives and or politics. Values and relationships are on people's minds more than anything else. This is just a big trigger for what people are thinking about because honestly how does the senators bathroom effect your life. It doesn't. Or does it? I love you Rich! your fan, Marcia

11:59 AM  

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