Friday, January 07, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 01.06.11: We the People...

we the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union elected Republicans and Tea Party idiots to the congress. these Republicans and Tea Partier pledged sweeping reforms and bold new strategies to make this country great again. they set broad new goals intending to cure what they saw as longstanding ills in our nation. today was the first full session of the new congress – what was achieved?
the constitution was read. at a cost of over a million dollars of your tax money – they read aloud the document on which all of our laws are supposed to adhere to.
this was a stalling tactic because they have no idea what to do. they have no idea how to achieve what they said they intended to do – and to mask the fact that they have no bold new approach. the Republican party intends to do what it usually does – give gifts to corporations and cutting taxes for the fattest of the fat-cat banksters.
case in point – representative Diane Black, a new Republican congresswoman from Tennessee arguing for repeal of that muslim-socialist health care act because – because health care act would force insurance companies to insure sick children. imagine that – an insurance company might have to pay out just because your children needed medical attention. that’s socialism – and everybody knows that real American children don’t get sick like those Mexican anchor babies.
if health care is so un-American – why do members of Congress and their families receive it? should they be entitled to something that they are trying to take away from the rest of us. “Of course we should!” declared tea party sponsored Congressman Michael Grimm from Staten Island. what if my kid were to get sick? the Republican rules committee re-wrote the rules of this Congress – and in doing so rejected a proposal to disclose what health care members of Congress and their families receive courtesy of your tax dollars. transparency indeed.
dubbed 'HR-2' the resolution to repeal health care is officially called: “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act”. (that sounds like a Roger Ailes idea to me.) in fact the there’s such a fever for transparency that this health care resolution repeal must be cloaked in the fear mongering language of Fox News – so ordinary beer-drinking thorazine addled Americans can understand what’s at stake. after all – you would gladly sacrifice your children’s health care if you understood that insuring your kids was - killing jobs! wouldn’t you – or wouldn’t ya?
yes - repealing the communistic socialized heal care bill would just save money – right?
repealing the muslim obama care bill would cost – mmmmmm about $230,000,000,000. two-hundred-thirty-billion-with-a-b dollars according to a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. now – some of you are saying – there’s a requirement in congress about increases in spending – right? nnnnnno. that Republican rules committee yesterday exempted their repeal bill from that little requirement. see – its easy to get around the law – and the Constitution - if you just re-write the rules.


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