Thursday, November 03, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 11.03.11: RESISTANCE

Michael Bloomberg - America's twelfth-richest man -- blames congress for the financial collapse and claims that the protesters have chosen a totally inappropriate target in wall street - as if the banks were ever forced to do anything. The banks rushed into a loan market because of greed -- plain and simple. Congress merely laid the groundwork; besides mister mayor -- you know damn well that there is a mechanism to hold congress accountable -- it's called an election. You might remember your last one -- you stole it.

As the occupy movements fight colder weather and police harassment and violence -- they are also fighting elements within their own. Violent demonstrators willing to provoke police and destroy property provide an excuse for authorities to attack a demonstration. Up till now the American public largely supports the aims of the demonstrators -- and largely supports the non-violent movement. Many in power who wish to see the movement fail know all-too-well: images of masked or helmeted youths throwing Molotov Cocktails or smashing storefronts on American television screens would derail the movement in a media minute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When people scream for socialism and yes it does exist in America--(via working people, taxes, and businesses who pay for it and sometimes more than once), they essentially are asking for more government, not less.
---Marcia Hershkowitz

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Banks make money because when people place their money in savings accounts for example, they are really loaning their money to the bank to invest it as they fit (treasury notes maybe). Banks would be seriously injured (as all businesses would be)if folks stopped using them.
--Marcia Hershkowitz

10:30 AM  

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