Thursday, November 08, 2007

dvtv live broadcast 11.08.07: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy

TONIGHT: the TRUTH about Rudolph W. Giuliani, the TRUTH BEHIND THE TRUTH about his new best bud Pat Robertson, the SHOCKING TRUTH about his former bodyguard and NYPD commish Bernie Kerik, and the REASON WHY there’s a SPECIAL place in doggie heaven for the current Mrs. Judith Stish Ross Nathan Giuliani (WOOF).
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“…expect many questions to Rudy on [Pat Robertson’s] endorsement from the press and the other republican candidates. unfortunately, these questions will likely boost his status with christian fundamentalists who are considered vital to a presidential win. although many of us consider Pat Robertson to be certifiably nuts, his endorsement does a lot for a twice divorced, allegedly gay-friendly catholic presidential candidate - who never attends mass.

“… few have proven so adept at distortions, wild exagerations and complete fabrications as america’s alleged mayor. as for character assasination, he even surpasses LBJ and Tricky Dick Nixon.
Rudy’s stubborn streak, combined with his greed, likely caused the deaths of all those firefighters on September 11th. faulty radios and a refusal to recognize the vulnerability of a command center in the World Trade Center – hundreds of New York’s Bravest dead. this is not a conspiracy theory – this is the view held by many members of the NY Fire Department and the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF, AFL-CIO, CLC), a union 280,000 members strong.

[see the 13 min. video they released about Rudy and his appalling lack of leadership on the day he is celebrated for his so very heroic leadership. from their website Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend]

“…a front running candidate will influence and even drive a race. a leading candidate can set benchmarks, objectives, and even agendas that lower ranking candidates will strive for. a front running candidate will even influence those running on opposing tickets. Rudolph W. Giuliani is a dangerous man even if his white house bid fails. he’s got powerful and influential supporters, friends who run national news channels, and a healthy campaign chest. to many people Rudy is an invincible force – man, myth, legend. sure he’ s got liabilities. yes - he comes with a shitload of baggage. so far he has handled this baggage with something approaching grace.”

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Anonymous lena said...

Hi Rich
I agree with your Rudy viewpoints. I didn't even know about the fire fighters. I hate Rudy for other reasons (like the Yankee stadium money deal he tried to make before leaving office... Bloomberg nixed it)

But... just an FYI -- I haven't seen you since around 1991 (before Clinton). I looked you up on a whim... actually somebody at my job looked a little like you, and i thought, i wonder what he's doing... it was a serious downtime moment where the mind wanders, and found your website. I remember you talking about doing a cable show--way back.

Hope you're doing well. You look the same by the way... (not bad for a guy whose got to be 50)...

take care,
(my email is & im also on Facebook)

Happy New Year!

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, and welcomed to Tish Fountains, formerly known as Washington Square Park. And thank you NYU Board of Directors for contributing to the corporate sterilization of this fine city. Upon watching the ball drop, people are asking, "What happened to all the grime and hookers? A city needs grime and hookers." Or perhaps a city needs tax credits so private investors can take everybody off of the streets and put them into rooms nominal admission fees. Bet you many of our non-vegan friends don't realize that Judith Guiliani cut up dogs to market surgical procedures to MDs. She tortured and killed dogs to make a sale and the humaine doctor associations allowed it. Is she sorry for creating this living hell and can we forgive her?
Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year. Hate to end my post so negatively but that's who we'd be electing to represent us and it's something we should not do. There are plenty of kind people who can lead and facilitate. We don't need the Guilianis. In fact Judith and her medical sales affiliations should be brought to trial. It's just bad vibes Follow your vibes. Follow your good vibes. Don't let pride and ego get in the way.
Marcia Hershkowitz
"Making the Scene" 2008

12:00 PM  
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