Saturday, November 03, 2007

dvtv live broadcast 11.1.07


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's not going to make it. He isn't qualified. He's a mayor. And not even a good one. He skeeved his own people, was afraid of the homeless and the street vendors and the squeegy guys on Houston Street and promoted himself as cleaning up crime and the "mob." He's an asshole. I can't imagine him discussing anything worthwhile on an international level. Or discussing anything for that matter. He likened homeless people to being criminals. How can he do something like that? They are human beings whether that live indoors or out. And most of them could use a hand. He has no compassion for circumstances that ruin people's ability to work someplace in society. He's a loudmouth and he hates artists or people who hang out, utilize the public parks and streets and stuff. God I fear that if Guiliani was running the world, and if he was President, that's what he would probably think he was doing, we'd all be in Catholic School uniforms with curviews. I say Obama's our man. But is the world ready for a good looking man of color? Wouldn't it be weird if he ended up running against Mayor Elitist-Racist?
It would be the epitome of what's going on with people like this. What would happen in Darfur if Obama was in office? I fear that if Rudolph was in office he would try to turn our city and country and world into a police state. I don't know why he's so preoccupied with that stuff. What are you so afraid of Guiliani? You are a New Yorker. Why are you afraid of Hipsters and Boat people? What's up with that?
If you are afraid of your own countrymen, how are you going to hold court on an international arena? The man's a wannabe. And he'll never be a Bush. He'll always be a social climber. Not even the office and title President would give him the charm and grace that a leader of that magnitude and visiblity needs. Obama's from Harvard. He's from Columbia. Let's give him a shot. The man's an academic. I'd like to see who he'd bring to the party.

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