Thursday, January 17, 2008

dvtv live broadcast 01.17.08: election fraud

the black guy, the white guy, and the chick.

choose one.

no substitutions.
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imagine, if you will, this scenario: you’re hungry. you go into a restaurant. you look at the menu - huge menu. goes on for pages and pages –there’s steaks, chops, fish, pasta, soup, salads, sandwiches, vegetarian meals. you think – wow – i have a huge choice. i’ll have the steak you say. the waiter says - we’re out of steaks tonight. you look at the menu again. i’ll have the salmon. no salmon. allright, you say - linguini. out of linguini the waiter says. in fact, the waiter tells you - all we’ve got tonight is chicken, burgers, and fishcakes. no substitutions. you thought you had a choice of almost anything, a wide open choice of dishes to eat, because you saw it all on the menu. but when it comes time to order – there’s only three choices: chicken, burgers, or fishcakes. you feel like you’ve been lied to. cheated.
scenario two: you are an American citizen. all your life, you are told: this is America. anybody can grow up to be presient. america has a free and open election system. your vote counts.
but right now, just weeks into the election process, before you have had a chance to express your opinion, you are told: here’s your choice – burger, fishcakes or chicken.
it’s the third week of January – the New York primary won’t even happen for another two weeks – but right now the only choices you have are – the black guy, the white guy, or the chick. no substitutions. in the two weeks that you will have to wait to vote – people you don’t even know, people who aren’t your neighbors, people who live thousands of miles away, in towns youv’e never even heard of – they might effectively limit your choice to two or even one of the above.
welcome to the American electoral process. decision 2008. wars are raging, hundreds of Americans dying overseas, the dollar is worth pennies, oil at one-hundred dollars a barrel, the economy tanking under the strain of debt and mortgage failures, and it’s time to pick a new executive office resident to clean up this mess – and the decision’s already made for you. the black guy, the white guy, or the chick. theres only three choices – the black guy, the white guy, and the chick. no substitutions.
even worse, the whole election process is pretty shakey – eighty per cent of the voters will be casting ballots on electronic voting machines. are they secure? do these machines gaurantee a fair and accurate tabulation of votes? do the electronics protect against manipulation before during or after the election? fuck no!

from a documantary called Hacking the Election, you can watch the whole thing on you tube, and yes, that was a diebold machine, exactly the same machines that were used in new hampshire and many other states. fortunately, New York will still use those big grey lever clunkers that have been around for forty years. they are mechanical – cannot be hacked.
tonight, it’s your chance to cast your vote of confidence - or no confidence in the electoral process. does your vote really count? will anybody actually count your vote? call now, the phones are open until eleven tonight, at 212 757 1393, you are watching dvtv live my name rs and i’ve barely scratched the surface about the issues i have with the whole election thing – remember Florida? black voters harrassed, questioned by police for waiting in line to do their sacred duty as american citizens. some were turned away, some after waiting twelve hours to vote? one hundred forty thousand votes went uncounted in the 2000 election, yet the election was decieded by a few dozen votes. remember ohio in 2004?
of course, you could vote for a republican…

restore ‘god’ to the constitution? GOD – WAS- NEVER IN –THE- CONSTITUTION - YOU – LOPSIDED - BAPTIST - MORON. he also said the constiution has changed, but the word of god – meaning the bible – does not. that’s bullshit. the Bible has changed countless times – that’s why there’s different versions, translations, Old and New Testaments, the Koran. that’s why there’s biblical scholars who research the original Hebrew and Greek words. does Huckabee think the original transcript of the bible was printed in english by Gideon and found in a hotel room drawer?
this idiot is dangerous – he thinks women should be subserviant to men, yesterday in an interview with he equated gay marriage to animal-fucking, and today he embraced what is to many people an enduring symbol of slavery – the confederate flag. he’s dangerous, he gets lots of attention and votes, and he’s being touted as the frontrunner for the republican nomination. then there’s John McCain, who would be seventy-two if he takes office, today he repeated the assertion that we’re winning in Iraq. enough said. many pundits envision a McCain -Clinton contest in November – swell. with three quarters of the American people opposing the war, we get to choose between hawk and hawk – two powerful influential senators that enabled bush to start this war in the first place.
are you happy with your choices. are you excited about voting in november. are you optimistic about “change”? do you hold out hope for the future of this country – or does the whole election charade make you want to puke? call me now, talk to me – 212 757 1393 your calls to dvtv live this seventeeth of January, two thousand eight.
while youre dialing, here’s a little dance segment for dvtv’s director of photography.

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