Monday, April 04, 2011


in desperation, workers at Fukushima tried to plug an eight-inch crack gushing radioactive water with...newspaper and sawdust. didn't work.
this morning, TEPCO announced that they would dump 11,500 tons (tonnes) of radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean. this is all the water they have been pouring on the reactors to keep them cool - think of it as a radioactive spray.
they need to do this because more room is needed in the storage tanks for MORE HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE WATER leaking from the plant.
out of control and getting worse.
from Physicians for Social Responsibility:
According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are no safe doses of radiation. Decades of research show clearly that any dose of radiation increases an individual’s risk for the development of cancer.
“There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period,” said Jeff Patterson, DO, immediate past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Exposure to radionuclides, such as iodine-131 and cesium-137, increases the incidence of cancer. For this reason, every effort must be taken to minimize the radionuclide content in food and water.”


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