Wednesday, April 27, 2011


OK, forget about the former Wrestlemania head who just saved the world from "the Blacks".
here's some actual news, and it is local AND racist in nature.
this map represents the police precincts in NYC where the highest number of illegal stop-and- frisk pot arrests occur. hmmmmm, Harlem and Brooklyn...who lives there...?
this map also represents a concept we call "what everybody instinctively knew from the beginning is now confirmed by an interactive Google map".
More than 50,000 people were arrested in the city for misdemeanor marijuana possession last year – the highest in a decade. And a substantial number of these arrests take place in the police precincts where the most stop-and-frisks occur, which are predominately black and Latino neighborhoods.
the citizens of Gotham are eternally grateful for this fine work by the NYPD which will spare us from the scourge of pot-crazed Mexicans and coloreds.
read the whole report at WNYC.


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