Thursday, April 07, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 04.07.11: PROSPERITY SHUTDOWN

...predicated by the truly American notion – that we will all be more prosperous if we just let the very rich have more money.

all of our economic problems would go away if we just let the fattest of the fatcats – get fatter.

we will be whistling down that Road To Prosperity if we just collected less taxes from the largest, richest corporations.

i paid more taxes last month than G.E. and Exxon Mobile combined. so did you. feel any more – prosperous? along this Road To Prosperity please watch out for the hordes of sick – bankrupt- and homeless seniors. that’s right – eliminating Medicare will bankrupt many if not most seniors – and bankrupt many of their families who get stuck with hospital bills - because fifteen-thousand a year don’t buy much insurance if you’re seventy – eighty – ninety-something-years-old.

you think the homeless situation is bad now? just wait until Medicare goes away – the road to prosperity will be littered with seventy – eighty – ninety-year-olds with their canes and walkers and wheelchairs and oxygen tanks and colostomy bags. don’t worry though. if you’re super-rich – the plan will cut all your taxes so you can buy a hovercraft.

this plan also seeks to slash Medicaid as well. the poor – people with disabilities – and millions of children with no guarantee of health care. where do you think they are going to end up?

you see - the Road To Prosperity requires a few sacrifices – yours.

Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Governor Scotty-Boy Walker all tell us with a straight face that this is about the economy – this is about the budget.

excuse my French but why the fuck didn’t they do something about the economy during the eight years they had the majority and the white house? why didn’t they do something about the debt when they were busy driving it up?

remember – when Bush first took office the was a surplus – no debt.

when Scotty Boy Walker took office in January – there was a one-hundred sixty-million dollar surplus in Wisconson.

what did he do? he gave it away to big business. oh look – now there’s a debt!

damn teacher’s union – we should outlaw them!


Anonymous Marcia Hershkowitz said...

It's almost like the minute some poor schnook has a couple a bucks, uncle Sam wants to take it away, while the corporations can just sink millions into projects in exchange for tax credits and not have to worry about the money for the duration of the project. Sure things might happen quicker in the private sector but what about the taxes? Is the project really worth the couple of million dollars of corporate investment? Some say yes--others, no. And how many people have a say in how their and other people's tax dollars are being spent? Uncle Sam is printing more money--but is not giving it to you or me--it is going to the banks. And the Federal Reserve is a private company--isn't there a conflict of interest there? It is the bank who decides who will get the money and for how much interest. I mean most folks don't know anything about preferred or common stocks or the price of gold...or how dangerous plutonium is--nor are they questioning why nuclear power plants are not being closed all over the world or especially within close proximity to tidal waves and earth quake faults. Many seniors rely on charity and government funding to receive benefits that enable them to reside in their own homes, remain active in the world and avoid being institutionalized. Many of them are suffering from loss--loss of health, time, relationships and are bereft and perhaps disabled by it all. While some might do well in a nursing home environment, there are plenty who don't want any part of it. I feel the US is designed for families and if you aren't affiliated with one who provides, you are at the mercy of the government, who many feel shouldn't even be bothered with bailouts/welfare. It's scary how alienated people can become, especially without money and how appealing alternate lifestyles start to sound. Strip malls are mostly corporate store fronts. And while you know what you are getting there, it leaves little room for the mom and pops which seem to be scarce if nonexistent. It seems very hard to change ones circumstances without money. Marcia

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Marcia Hershkowitz said...

It's true that some companies might be just too big to pay taxes! Or maybe they are located oversees and loopholes keep their taxes low. The world is changing in unrecognizable bounds and the forecast is frustrating.

9:47 AM  

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