Thursday, November 10, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 11.10.11: LONG COLD WINTER

"...the occupiers down in Zuccotti Park were wise not to hone a clear message because we are dealing with a moving target – the economic system is a morphing shape-shifting beast and a nervous one at that. my friends at Zuccotti park - and hundreds of other occupations nationwide – some unsolicited advice. your prime target – and the one thing that causes us so much pain – is the obscene amounts of raw cash that flows from corporate intrests into elected officials pockets. best-selling author Herman Cain (you don’t really believe he’s running for president) - Herman Cain suggested that the occupiers should target the White House instead of Wall Street. Horn-Dog Herman is half-right. until the lobbiests are outlawed – as they are in many other governments – until the cash stops flowing into the accounts of the president – congress – and other elected officials – the system is rigged to favor the very rich and screw the working man. changing the status quo is always a long and arduous process. Revolutions don’t happen overnight – witness what’s happened in Egypt and Libya. true change isn’t easy – especially when you are fighting the largest and most powerful government on the planet. With a full moon over manhattan you are watching the last bastion of the first amendment..."



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