Tuesday, November 15, 2011


as it should whenever you deny americans their first amendment rights.
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clearly Bloomberg feared the huge demonstration planned for thursday, which would have marked the two month anniversary of the movement. the NYPD - and Bloomberg - appear to be defying a Supreme Court order to let the occupiers and their tents back into Zuccotti Park.

watch live for MUCH more: this thursday, 10:30pm on a special broadcast of dvtv live.
livestream thursday: mnn.org
channel 67 (time-warner)
channel 85 (rcn)
channel 36 (verizon-fios)


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That's why he dismantled it (Messy/unhygenic)--Was there a foreseeable harm such as rats, violence,sicknesses brewing? Yes I believe a reasonable person might say that there was) "Trespassers" were breaking the law by camping out in the park. BTW in NYS the Supreme Court is the lowest tier of courts, next level is Appellate and after that Court of Appeals, the highest. I don't believe the first amendment will be forfeited.---Marcia Hershkowitz

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