Thursday, January 26, 2012

dvtv live broadcast 01.26.12: MR. ANSWER MAN

Our world experienced so many changes in the past year - and 2012 promises even more. With every change, another question arises. Indeed -- some of you may find yourselves overwhelmed with questions.
Tonight as a public service of dvtv live and Manhattan Neighborhood Network, we are proud to present - Mister Answer Man, responding in person to your emailed questions.
Each viewer email received is carefully filed and tabulated by a faceless server located in Bangalore -- and some of the emails are actually read.
emily_2525 of Manhattan writes:
Dear Mister Answer Man,
On Tuesday night Obama pledged to form a special unit to investigate fraud in the financial sector. Does this mean that the banksters who crashed the world economy will finally be held accountable for putting so many people out of their homes?

A: Actually - no. What this means is some low-level administrator will be offered up as a sacrifice. This also means that we will learn every last detail of this unfortunate person's miserable life -- as mainstream media and cable news will blast them incessantly throughout the course of his three-year trial.
Remember: wealthy white men are never held accountable for their crimes -- especially if billions of dollars are involved.

Stefanie: a message from lizzettelee3200 in Nutley, New Jersey:
Dear Mister Answer Man,
I was shocked to learn that one of the leading republican presidential candidates would consider making all forms of birth control illegal. This particular candidate would also make abortions illegal, even in the case of pregnancies resulting from rape.
His view is that Jesus would want me to have the rapist's baby.
How can a man with such views be even taken seriously in the year 2012?

A: I'm afraid you are not considering the entire question. Rick Santorum is a deeply religious man.
Perhaps Jesus does want you to have the rapist's baby.


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