Thursday, February 02, 2012

dvtv live broadcast 2.2.12: WAR ON THE POOR

what romney said after winning florida about not caring about the very poor – yes it was taken out of context – but it was a crass and despicable statement nonetheless – at a time when so many people are out of work – this country has an effective twenty per cent unemployment – a statement like that could only come from filthy-rich scumbag like romney. and romney is not amoung the one-per-cent nor is he amoung the point- one-per-cent nor is he amoung the point-zero-one-per-cent.

willard mitt romney is amoung the point-zero-zero-two-five-per-cent richest in the country. now many people tell me – 'you can’t hold it against him that he’s rich'.

why the fuck not?

this “likes-to-fire-people” motherfucker made his millions by bankrupting companies – firing american workers – and exporting their jobs to china. companies went bankrupt – americans lost jobs – stockholders left holding worthless paper – and bain capitol made billions. i hold it against him not only because he’s so rich - but because he made his quarter-billion-dollars bankrupting american companies - putting americans out of work. he’s a huge part of the problem.

gingrich who has considerably less millions than romney – he’s even worse suggesting child labor for poor school children - stating that poor youth don’t understand making money unless its illegal and throwing in the race card for good measure. this is class warfare indeed – this is a republican-led war on the poor.

remember who got blamed for the world financial collapse three years ago – not the banks – it was all those - poor people who signed morgages. yeah - all those poor people - hoodwinked those international banks out of trillions – with-their paper signing skills. poor people know how to trick banks - yeah. just today the governer of illinois signed a right-to work law – that’s twenty-two states now – restricting union activity in the workplace.

about michigan governor scotty- boy walker last year – attacking union rights and pensions of teachers – nurses – firefighters – he’s now threatened by a recall and good riddance if he goes. i just said – republican-led attack on the poor – it’s more like an all-out assault on everybody who isn’t a millionaire – that’s about – uhhhh – ninety-nine per-cent of us.

which brings us to barak obama – your other choice on our limited democracy menu.

obama’s in full campaign-pledge mode now- which is why i tune him out – i still remember the one’s he came up with four years ago – there was one about guantanamo bay –there was one about day one bringing the troops home from afganaistan –well the military’s bigger than the president – war on terror and all that – there was one about comfortable shoes…


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CNN's camerawork was godawful for the elephant primaries 2/22--their wide shot mostly omitted the forth candidate (and in my opinion the best of the bunch) Ron Paul (who wants to take American troops out of foreign countries and place them on the American Boarders such as Arizona/Texas-Mexico instead.) The cameras kept cutting to far and audience shots which is great for a talk variety show--but when you're trying to get a sense of potential Presidential candidates -- cutting to reaction shots while somebody's talking--just doesn't cut it. I wonder if the electoral vote will get him in (or maybe he'll run independant--but in that case would split the republican vote in half)? If he won, there would probably be demands for a recount. Marcia Hershkowitz

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