Thursday, January 24, 2008

dvtv live broadcast 01.24.08: it's the economy tanking

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it’s the 24th of january two-thousand-eight-candidates slinging mud- the economy is tanking – ths prez sez the check’s in the mail and our billionaire mayor tells everybody to tighten their belts. who sez there’s no good news?
first off, there’s Hillary and Obama getting down amd dirtier. ex-president Bill Clinton has had to be restrained by aides on more than one occasion because he did not like questions about his wife’s campaign posed by a reporter. Obama accuses Hillary of lying about his record, Edwards declares himself above the fray. i think theres something not kosher about this smackdown. seems to me that there’s some choreography, some collusion going on here – there’s some bigger purpose to all this noise- maybe to shed Obama’s nice guy image, maybe to emphasize Hillary’s testosterone . she was nearly in tears just a couple weeks ago.
a more immediate question looms over the united states and over the world tonight – more immedaite than who will be President next year, more immediate than -will this election be fixed like the last two, more immediate even than Amy Winehouse’s chemical dependency – the big question is - you got a job? you working? is it steady? does your paycheck cover your rent? because this is not the time you want to be looking for a job . the economy. the much-debated recession. since new years, Wall Street has been very shakey. last week, Citibank and others were forced to borrow forty-two billion dollars from the Arabs and from Asia. this past monday the markets in Hong Kong and london lost record amounts in a panic over our economy. then the feds in a rare emergency session, cut the intrest rate, not because of any specific set of circumstances – but because of panic and political pressure. too little, too late, and motivated by guilt. i’m no economic genius, i don’t understand deficits and prime rates, hell i couldn’t even give you money for a cup of coffee right now, but one thing i do know – i’m glad i’ve got a job. i’ve even been showing up early. i am very uneasy with what i’m seeing for the future. i’m not the only one listen to these voices raised in panic...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, having a job and being self supporting is one thing to be very grateful for. And whenever I'm feeling fearful about possible lay offs, I am reminded that God will not forsake or abandon me. I told that to someone recently and was asked if I really believed that God would always take care of me and protect me. I do believe it with all my heart. And He does and He has taken care of me and provided me with many options for growth and to do His work. And the person said, that he felt he was forsaken by God, that God God had not been with him all of these years. It is hard work to turn one's disappointments into opportunities, but it is an option. Love-Marcia

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great show deserves better video server.

upload to google videos. no time constraints, and better servers. and no problems. ever. youtube are corporate shills who cenSORE free speech.

sorry, but blipTV sucks. i know, its the fav of pub access producers at MNN.

even with a gig of high speed your show plays back worst than the worst MNN web cast I have put up.

tied up my computer....And I use a mac.

1:41 AM  

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