Saturday, January 08, 2011

all assassins have three names + UPDATE

been watching the three news networks all afternoon. the only person who has uttered the word "crosshairs" or who has referred to the threats against Giffords - is Giffords herself! this is in a video from last march, which i have included in the previous post.
nobody has acknowledged that the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates have been "targeting" the congresswoman throughout 2010. she was the only Democrat in Arizona to win a congressional election last November.
there’s been barely a mention of her opposition to Arizona’s contentious immigration policy.
yes, Laughner appears on the surface to be a looney. but that shouldn’t rule out that he may have been motivated by the "targeting" of Rep. Giffords.

UPDATE: my point exactly. Fox News cuts away from live coverage of a vigil for those shot today...because SARAH PALIN's NAME WAS MENTIONED?!? see for yourself: Sarah Palin is an employee of News Corp.


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