Monday, May 02, 2011


i took down the two snarky posts from last night. but here we are:
they got him.
they shot him.
they dumped his body in the sea.
so does this mean the wars are over? not a bit of it.
it actually means very little except this:

unlike all the conspiracy theorists, i only deal with facts that are not in dispute.
on the morning of september 11th, 2001 i was watching Fox News while getting my clothes on - this was before i went to 6th Street and watched the towers burn.
i left the house around 9:30am - but not before i heard a strange claim on Fox News.
the on-air voice said that the U.S. knew who was responsible, and that person was Osama Bin Laden.
immediately i was reminded of what happens after a high profile murder or rape hits the front page of the tabloids: the police scramble to get a suspect, any suspect, to parade before the cameras.
the same exact thing had just happened with a terror attack on New York - before anybody knew what was going on, before the twin towers fell, before the Pentagon was hit, before Bush had even gone into hiding - the government had a suspect - within 45 minutes of the first plane hitting the south tower.
incredible - which means not at all credible.
nine years later Obama pulls a rabbit out of his hat, shoots it in the left eye, and dumps it in a 'secret location' in the sea before he announces the feat. case closed.
(but rest assured - we got DNA and grisly photos.)
many credible people believed that Bin Laden died long ago of kidney disease.
i'm not sure what to believe, but the story that Barack Obama told last night - and the claim that Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes at the bottom of the sea - sounds mighty fishy to me.


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