Thursday, May 05, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 5.5.11: WITH THE FISHES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA

while America celebrates a well-deserved assassination - a fair question arises of what it all means.

does it make any difference at all if Osama bin Laden is at the bottom of the sea? the answer is probably no – unless your name is Barack Obama and you're facing an election sometime soon.

bin Laden is dead – do you feel any safer?

the way we - the Unites States - built up his ego over the last nine years - bin Laden must have felt enormous personal satisfaction in the collapse of the economy – Osama must have felt enormous personal pride when Americans at airports were forced to surrender their shoes – then their genitals – to homeland security clerks – he probably took full credit for every breach of the constitution committed after september eleventh.

is it bin Laden’s fault we gave up our beloved constitution? is it bin Laden’s fault we let the president lead us into a trillion dollar war against someone who wasn’t bin Laden? is it his fault – or ours – that we accept torture and other tactics once considered un-American. torture and wiretapping were something that happened in China or the Soviet Union – not in america. times change – bin Laden’s fault?

if all of this is bin Laden’s fault – he must be laughing at us from hell right now – he’s laughing so hard he just pissed his caftan.

we got him. we shot him. he sleeps with the fishes at the bottom of the sea. trouble is that after nine years - the damage is already done. his death is - irrelevant. al-Queada may be irrelevant. what we allow ourselves to accept is all that matters now.


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