Thursday, May 12, 2011

dvtv live broadcast 5.12.11: A WAR NEITHER DESIGNED - NOR INTENDED - TO BE WON

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they said: let’s become drug dealers – we’ll make a lots of money so then we can buy guns and grenades – with those guns and grenades that we bought with all our drug-dealing money we can attack synagogues – and then we can blow up the Empire State Building!
kind of reminds me of a plan i hatched when i was twelve years old – i would become a famous rock star – make gazllions of dollars – then i could fund my own films and become a famous director – never panned out.
one year ago Faisal Shahzad attempted to bomb Times Square. he failed to ignite the propane tanks in his SUV. i think perhaps he would have known how to ignite a propane tank if only he had attended high school in suburban America – instead of Pakistan.
how bout that underwear bomber who couldn’t set off the bomb in his underwear – and the shoe bomber who couldn’t ignite his shoe – and the pizza guys in New Jersey who were plotting to take over Fort Dix Army Base armed with pepperonis or something – hey: do you see a pattern here?
kids – if you aspire to be a terrorist – for Allah’s sake - please do it right.
enlist in the U.S. Army. Timothy McVeigh didn’t mess around with propane tanks or underwear bombs - Timothy McVeigh learnt from the big green machine how to blow up buildings real good!
we have spent trillions of dollars fighting the War on Terror – a war neither designed - nor intended - to be won. we have been told for ten years that terrorists are out there – a worldwide network of freedom-hating Muslims lurking in sleeper cells and operating as lone wolves.
if they are out there – how come our buildings are still standing? how come our planes still fly? how come our water supply isn’t poisoned? how come the White House isn’t a dirty-bombed radioactive hulk? how come we are not all dead? and how come - after ten years of fear mongering by two presidents – how come we are still falling for this shit?


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